Local Blogosphere Roundup 01.04.09

A Wireless Message

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Local Blogosphere Roundup 01.04.09
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A new zine was unleashed! It is called Lodo Voce.

Johnny Mango gushed over the
Leo Depew Collection (of amazingly cool ’20s-era radios) at UNM.

Arthur Alpert wrote compelling commentary on the current economic situation and the trouble with

‘Burque Babble pointed out Marty’s
amazing statistical technicolor dreamcoat.

Sci-fi author George R. R. Martin tuf sold
Tuf Sell.

Steve Terrell confessed an affinity for The Dirtbombs.

Finally, the all-knowing Captain America listed his
favorite local CDs/LPs, singles and demos.
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