Local Blogosphere Roundup 01.10.09

Jerry Cornelius
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Local Blogosphere Roundup 01.10.09
Wasn’t there a crock pot scene in The Ice Storm?
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For some reason, we like newspapers around here. I think we might even be a newspaper. John Fleck at Inkstain (who writes for a newspaper) mulls over the main problem with newspapers on the web: the ad revenue sucks and it can’t pay for the content that every bedroom blog on the planet links to for free. Hmm.

SFReeper re-presents some
good details on the Richardson investigation. (They’re a newspaper too.) On a related note, Greg Palast copy-pastes some slightly dated (but newly interesting) Richardson muckraking from his book, Armed Madhouse.

Eye on Albuquerque has some inside dirt on the new City of Albuquerque computer system and how it likes to underpay and overpay employees. (Psst, Eye, it’s “throes.”)

sole non-Marty mayor in the past decade or so weighs in on the upcoming race for Big Cheese.

And the Curious Blogquat has been posting a series of
delicious-looking crock pot recipes. Man, this could change my crock cuisine forever.
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