Local Blogosphere Roundup 03.21.09

Arts & Lit Edition

Jerry Cornelius
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Local Blogosphere Roundup 03.21.09
“Bit by a Dead Bee”
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I have it on the best authority that Demonoid members are already watching Episode 203 of Breaking Bad (which airs to normal humans on Sunday) . What do you want to bet some intern at AMC was ordered to leak it?

New issue of web photography mag
Fraction Magazine is up, and—hey!—it’s the New Mexico issue.

George R.R. Martin informs us that the
2008 Hugo Award nominations are in. Neal Stephenson, Cory Doctorow among them.

Captain America posts some vintage
Rebel Radio flyers. Those were the days, my friend.

UNM’s Arts Lab continues its drone-tastic Spectre Series with a
March 24 show featuring Barn Owl (San Francisco) and Heavywater (ABQ).

Nora @ inkstain ponders
sex scenes in Young Adult novels.

And Gil’s Thrilling reviews my favorite neighborhood New Mexican joint,
Mary & Tito’s. In fact, I think I will eat there tonight.
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