Local Blogosphere Roundup 04.05.09

They-Say-It’s-Spring Edition

Jerry Cornelius
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Local Blogosphere Roundup 04.05.09
That’s right, I said animal hats. ( JettBOY )
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Signs of Spring in New Mexico:

1. The relentless snowfall of elm seeds: Adobe Nido posts “The Annual Elm Seed Festival” on DCF, clearly not in favor of the much-maligned, impossible-to-eradicate Siberian (not Chinese) Elm. Readers chime in, pro and con. (My $.02: I have a massive elm hanging over my house and I will not cut it down, much to my neighbor’s chagrin. One little word: shade.)

2. Walking tours: UK expat Bee-in-Albuquerque blogs her Huning Highland “neighbourhood” walk: “I imagine the houses inside to smell vaguely musky, with creaking floors and dark wood furniture.”

3. Increased bicycle activity: Both BAT and BikeABQ note that Silver near UNM has received the first pavement markings for the new Bicycle Boulevard system.

4. Road trips: Santa Fe Review stops in T or C, “a town so desperate for recognition that in 1950 it sold its soul to a game show.”

5. End of the Legislative Session.

6. Animal hats.
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