Local Blogosphere Roundup 05.17.09

Jerry Cornelius
1 min read
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In the blogosphere this week …

KNME posted an archival 1983 piece on
everybody’s favorite fantastical architect Bart Prince, featuring a peek inside his famed Monte Vista house.

Greg in the Desert took some
POV HD video of Obama’s Rio Rancho visit.

Captain America’s alter ego, Itchy Green Thumb, opined re:
big and small organic farms in New Mexico. That guy knows his stuff.

A new issue of
Albuquerque-based photo e-mag Fraction went live.

Democracy in NM took Sen. Bingaman to task for failing to support a credit card interest rate cap.
Bingaman explained his side on YouTube.

And last, but definitely not least, the Curious Blogquat
reverse-engineered the Pop Tart.

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