Local Blogosphere Roundup 11.15.08

“My God, It’s Full Of Stars.”

Jerry Cornelius
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Local Blogosphere Roundup 11.15.08
Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Blogosphere is. [url]http://datamining.typepad.com/gallery/blog-map-gallery.html[/url]You have to see it for yourself.[xurl] (Matthew Hurst)
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Until I really started looking, I had no idea just how many blogs were out there created and tended by Burqueños, Taoseños, Santa Feans and other New Mexicanos. They are legion! Back in ancient times hurdles like reproduction, distribution and money had to be dealt with before you could get the word out. Not anymore, baby. Anybody can have a blog. You, me, your annoying neighbor with the dog that never stops barking, anybody. Hell, even the Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments can have a blog. Who woulda thunk it?

Speaking of which, MRGCOG’s Local Food Blog is actually really cool. I had been riding my bike by the Action Buzz Neighborhood Garden all summer long without knowing the story behind it.
Now I know.

I also never knew that
Henry Trost was the architect behind the bulk of Albuquerque’s remaining historical buildings. Now, thanks to DCF’s Johnny Mango, I finally know who built the palatial Occidental Life building.

The impending arrival of Rail Runner service to Santa Fe still seems too good to be true, but ABQDwell offers a tantalizing
glimpse of the near future.

The New Mexico Independent has been producing some strong, pro-active local journalism, but, per Heath Haussamen and NMFBIHOP, they are discovering that (surprise!) it’s hard to sustain a large, multi-state paid staff.

Alibi recently started collecting all its Flyer on the Wall submissions in a Flickr archive, but long-time scenester Captain America has been amassing a historical trove of flyers for years. Here’s the latest batch. (Hey, I think I was at that Cibo Matto show!)

In other news, Rocksquawker and
Alibi blogger Levi Eleven suddenly realizes The Whole World Is Watching. Well, better late than never.

Will Obama TXT us to death? Will those HOPE posters stay up forever?
Swing State of Mind hopes not.

Coco watches The Sandpiper , refutes crabby 1965 NY Times review. Right on!

And last but not least: Did you see one of those flyers that blanketed Central Avenue about missing teenager Morghan Roberge-Bernard?
Well, her mom says she’s safe. Thanks for the update, blogosphere.
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