Local Blogosphere Roundup 11.29.08

Jerry Cornelius
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Local Blogosphere Roundup 11.29.08
‘Gentlemen, may I present the “Q” card, friend to all children and righter of all wrongs.’
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City partners with omnipresent big box drug store chain (guess which one?) and Soy de Burque is peeved. (Hey, not that I can speak Spanish beyond ordering a burrito, but shouldn’t it be “Estoy de Burque?”)

ABQDwell pumps walkability as envisioned by Great Streets ABQ. Don’t get me started on how pedestrian-hostile this city is. At least the number of people who care seems to be growing. If they don’t get run over first, something might come of it.

Gil has a Thrilling Visit to Sophia’s, one of the best of the North Valley breakfast joints (although their coffee is always kinda yucky). I love how Gil’s photos reveal the fact that real food is never as photogenic as fake food.

Burque Babble delves into the (seemingly)
endless stash of Dead shows on the Internet Archive. No time for hate, dude.

The Curious Blogquat provides a massive amount of Silver City-based pastry porn.

And Nora @ Inkstain
cracks me up with this one.
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