Local Blogosphere Roundup 12.27.08

Jerry Cornelius
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Local Blogosphere Roundup 12.27.08
This guy also knows how to spot Saturn.
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Let’s be brief this time.

On DCF Edith Grove hooks us up with some
first-person footage of the Rail Runner rolling to and from Santa Fe. Nice editing. I could do without the corny music, though.

New Mexico Independent interviews
Frank Young, LANL critic and blogger. It does seem like all they do up there is misplace disks and then decide they never existed, doesn’t it?

Levi exhibits distress regarding Blackbird Buvette customers who refuse to flush.

Were you aware of
Fraction Magazine? I wasn’t until today. Cool online photo magazine based in Albuquerque. Check the Richard Renaldi couples shots. Very nice. Take that, Flickr.

And finally, this week Whassup in the Milky Way
helps us spot Saturn. Thank you. Now back to your Christmas leftovers.
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