Local Blogosphere Roundup: Media Lies, Napping Stucker, Clampett Restaurant

Nick Brown Sits With The Cool Kids Edition.

Nick Brown
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V. B. Price at New Mexico Independent wonders what media can be trusted to report the truth. Hopefully, he had the Alibi in mind, though he does not specifcally say so.

Jim Baca writes an
imaginary letter to the Republican Party.

The Alopecian Muse wants to
create a Snoezelan room for Simmi.

Steve Stucker took a nap and dreamed about a deer. Or was it a dream!?

Stinky Lulu writes a freaking dissertation about
Glenn Close, which, in a sea of hard political blogs, is more than absolutely cool with me.

Gil checks out
The Hollar in Madrid, makes mention of the Clampetts and shares photos of delicious-looking eggy-biscuity things.

At Whirled View, guest blogger Hans N. Tuch writes about the dangers of
appointing unqualified ambassadors.

Ren at Plastic Pumpkin
spins a yarn of high coincidence, desert heat, car parts and romance.
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