Local Blogosphere Roundup: Sex, Cities, Dragons, Avocados

Shock And Awe Edition

Jerry Cornelius
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Local Blogosphere Roundup: Sex, cities, dragons, avocados
It does, does it not? (Curious Blogquat)
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This week in the NM blogosphere …

A developer does the wrong thing. Shock! Horror!

George R.R. Martin reveals he is still not done with A Dance With Dragons.

Levi Eleven does not like “Sex and the City.” For the record.

More support for Rey Garduño’s attempt to get
a goddamn crosswalk in Nob Hill.

Hold the presses:
ABQJournal.com stops nagging users with stupid roadblock ads. At least for now.

New Mexico does not rate when it comes to stressful cities.

that avocado salad looks awesome.

As you were.
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