Local Nerd Girl Wields Writing Saber For Alibi

Natalie Willoughby
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Local nerd girl wields writing saber for Alibi
Atlantis launches into the clouds on Friday, July 8. (Natalie Willoughby)
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I’m that chick who likes “guy stuff.” I was raised on comics, action movies and video games. My poor mother had high hopes that I would be a ballerina, but it soon became clear that Legos and action flicks trumped tutus. Since then, my love of all things science, sci-fi and otherwise geek has led me to author a blog on those subjects.

A few weeks ago, I hit up the
Alibi’s news editor with a pitch: I wanted to go to the Kennedy Space Center and watch the last shuttle launch. That story will hit alibi.com tonight around 6 p.m. Look for it on stands this week, too.

I’m going to begin penning a column for this paper, too. If you have some questions for me, or if you have a topic you would like me to feature, please email me at nawilloughby@gmail.com.

Talk nerdy to me! Bring up
Star Wars . Bring up “Star Trek.” Or “Fringe” Or “The X-Files.” Or The Long Halloween . Tell me how much you hated Batman: Hush , and please explain why, as it’s one of my favorites. Ask me which planet you can see in the night sky tonight. Ask me about the most recent discovery in computer science.

Get your geek on.
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