Long Live Günther

Christie Chisholm
2 min read
He’s serious.
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Some months ago, my roommate, Cait, turned me on to something (those of you who have read past posts and articles of mine may recognize that this is a theme in our relationship–she discovers something fantastic and I run off and tell all of you about it). She laid before me the wonderful world of Günther. And I was never the same.

Günther. Where do I begin? At first, you think it’s a joke. Then you realize it’s not. Günther is real. He is not a farce. According to another friend of mine who teaches high school, a Swedish exchange student of hers testified that Günther is playing in all the hot Swedish night clubs. I repeat–Günther is not a joke. He rocks the fashion mullet, the pencil mustache, the pout … and my heart. Well, at least my sense of humor.

Discover him here. His videos can take a little time to load, depending on the speed of your computer and connection, but, believe me, he’s worth the wait. I suggest running him one time through with the sound off while you do something else and coming back to it once it’s fully loaded to watch. My favorite is "Tutti Frutti Summerlove." Ohhh, yeah. The "Ding Dong Song" also comes highly recommended.

Welcome to Günther.
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