Look What My Dog Scored

Clemence Schaumberg
1 min read
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My husband found a crocodile head in our yard this weekend. I’m not joking. My dog had tried to bury it, but it’s so big (a foot and a half maybe) that he wasn’t very successful. You’re probably asking yourself what we kept asking ourselves while staring over this surreal finding, “How the hell did a crocodile head end up in our backyard?”

Apparently, our dog let himself out of the yard because the gate was standing agape (which he frequently does; he knows how to lift the latch). Can you imagine his pride when he found this prize? He must have dragged that thing from … a neighbor’s house? What the hell would someone be doing with a crocodile head? It’s just plain creepy, and the hide is still decomposing, making it stink to boot. But you know we’re gonna keep it and show it off at all our barbecues.

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