Lost Luckies

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Steven Nery
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Lost Luckies
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Freezing? I suggest you zip up your coat and get out this weekend. You can steal body heat from people if you get close enough to them. Just avoid the frottage.

A/V Club with Edge

Basement Films and local exprimental sound rebels join forces to blow your mind in the fourth annual Basement Films Audio Visual Show. Video techs blend image with live sound and acheive incredible, unexpected results. The shows start today at The Southwest Film Center on the south side of the plaza level in UNM’s Student Union Building. Tickets are $3 for students, $5 general admission. Visit basementfilms.org for a full schedule.

Disability with a New Lens

On Monday, Nov. 10, UNM’s Associated Students for Empowerment and the
VSA N th 4 Arts Center sponser a lecture by disTHIS! Film Series Director Lawrence Carter-Long about films with progressive perspectives on disability. The lecture features clips from these groundbreaking films, and there’ll be an open discussion at the end of the presentation. The event is free. You just need to get your butt over to the UNM Student Union Building theater at 6 p.m. to catch it.
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