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Laura Marrich
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Viva Lost Luckies!
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Journey to Placitas to see stars, but not boobs and butts, at the Albuquerque Astronomical Society’s (TAAS) annual star party. Britney Spears will not be making a coke-fueled appearance, but Betelgeuse will be making a hydrogen-fueled one (along with some helium and heavier trace elements). That’s this Saturday starting at sunset (6:43 p.m.). Alcohol and pets aren’t allowed to join the party. On the other hand, telescopes and a thirst for cosmic knowledge are … and it’s free!

In Placitas, take Highway 165 east from Interstate Highway 25 for approximately four kilometers (yes, directions are metric, dammit). The "party" is in Homestead Village Shopping Center, which is on the north side of the road.

For information, visit www.taas.org or call 254-TAAS.

Santeros en Old Town

Yes! Creepy Catholic icon art! Whether you’re a son or daughter of Santerismo or just love religious folk art as much as I do, the Santero Market, this Friday and Saturday in Old Town, promises tons of great original religious art, food, music and shopping divine. It’s all sponsored by the beautiful but haunted San Felipe de Neri Church. Come and get it, friends.

Old Timey Hootenanny

Albuquerque Biological Park is hosting its Heritage Farm Days and Harvest Festival this Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a snippet from the press release.

"Join the celebration of the bountiful fall harvest, as you experience farm life along the Rio Grande as it might have been in the 1920s. Take a horse-drawn wagon ride and watch a blacksmith work. See apple cider being made from 10 a.m.-noon each day and sample it fresh from the press. You can even buy a gallon to take home.

Sounds like fun for families with small children or old grandparents. Call 311 for more info.


After you’re done with this Friday and Saturday’s sonic blitz at the Cell Theatre, fill up on next week’s quotient of experimental music at the P&J Center, this Sunday, Oct. 7. Yellow Swans brings psychedelic noise from Portland, Mouthus plays, uh, fuzzy electro-psych from Brooklyn and Burque’s own Alan George Ledergerber (AGL) does a post-Oscillation fest wrap-up set. Show starts around 8:30 p.m. and should be over by 11 p.m. (this show is all-ages). Your $5 donation is welcome.

A Nobel Peace Prize Winner—Right Here in River City!

Aung San Suu Kyi, recipient of that most famous of Swedish/Norwegian prizes, speaks out against Burmese military-governmental oppression this Sunday at the UNM Bookstore from 5-6 p.m. Read more about the speaker here.

Catty Salon War!

I’m too lazy to regurgitate the contents of this e-mail, so I’m just going to reprint it here with some of my own commentary.

"My close friends, Gre’ and Amanda Gibson, own a local hair salon. They were tired of working for ‘formal’ hair salons, and wanted to open a shop that reflected their eccentric, funky, tattooed, sense of style and personality."

… Here’s where things get catty!

"In their battle against the La Bella Day Spas and Aveda Salons in the Albuquerque area, they are aggressively looking for new ways to reach their ideal clientele."

Ohh, did you hear what she said? A salon battle against those bitches at Aveda and La Bella! A battle of shears and bleach and gossip! A battle of who’s-looing-fatter-than-ever and didn’t-you-know-she’s-sleeping-with-your-ex-boyfriend? A battle of feathering and bobs! Of dye jobs and blow jobs!

That’s what I assumed, anyhow. Unfortunately, I think they’re actually talking about a hair fashion show. Too bad. Read on.

"Gre Gibson (owner of Loft 47) and the manager of Fox & Hound decided recently to collaborate for an upcoming Hair Fashion Show. Staff of Fox & Hound Pub & Grille on Wednesday, October 10th, will be featured in a ‘Before & After’ hair ashion event on premise. Activities begin around 4 p.m. with show to follow. Loft 47 is extremely excited about the event, and will have a drawing for salon products and even free salon treatments (cut/color/etc.) If you’d like to learn more about Loft 47, their website is: www.loft47.com."

So it looks like you can drink and watch a hair show. That’s not all bad. I just with it was more battle-oriented.
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