"Lycra-Clad Street Warriors"

"Lycra-Clad Street Warriors"

Christie Chisholm
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It’s Albert Einstein on a bicycle. How is that not awesome?
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I love bicycles. Some of you may remember this fact if you paid attention to our Summer Cycling Guide, where I admitted to learning how to ride a bicycle at the age of 23 and then professed my undying love for the magnificent invention. You may not know that, ever since, I’ve taken to riding my bicycle to work every day (of course, I only live four blocks away from the office–but still).

Maybe it’s my newly acquired passion for bicycles that makes this Reuters article so upsetting. Apparently, some British guy’s research shows that motorists are more polite to cyclists without helmets than they are to those with cranial protection. WTF?

Researcher Ian Walker outfitted a bicycle with a computer and ultrasonic distance sensor and proceeded to record data for more than 2,500 passing motorists. He discovered that, on average, drivers give helmet-less cyclists 3.3 more inches of space than those with helmets. Additionally, when Walker adorned himself with a blond wig, he found that motorists gave an average of 5.5 more inches of space to cyclists who appear to be female.

The moral of the story? Don’t stop wearing your helmet (that would just be stupid). But do be wary of passing motorists. And wear a wig.
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