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Simon McCormack
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Here’s an article on the mind-altering drug salvia. YouTube has several videos of people taking the drug (which is usually smoked) and collapsing on the ground, loosing muscle control or otherwise acting bizarrely.

Some scientists think the drug could help treat diseases like depression and schizophrenia, but research on the substance is limited. There is no federal law banning salvia, which is sold at smoke shops across the country, but 13 states have taken steps to ban or control the drug. I just called a Gas Pipe in Albuquerque, and the guy who answered the phone said it’s sold there.

Researchers worry that if the drug becomes criminalized, research on medical uses for the drug could be difficult.

Salvia doesn’t seem to be addictive, and there are no confirmed deaths related to the drug (although it may have played a role in a few suicides), according to the article.

The effects don’t last more than a few minutes. But, as seen on the YouTube videos, they are clear and sometimes unnerving.

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