Man Gave Names To All The Animals

Steven Robert Allen
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There were no horses ...
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October 4 is St. Francis Day. To celebrate, my wife dragged me down to a Franciscan church in the South Valley to have our dogs blessed. Nope—not kidding. Francis was famous for preaching the word of God to animals. On his Saint’s Day, Catholic churches around the world bless animals for their owners. Anyway, it was quite a zoo (heh, heh). People didn’t just bring dogs and cats. They brought goldfish and guinea pigs and geckos and parrots and finches. One dude even brought a gigantic albino Burmese python that must’ve been 20 feet long, with a waist as wide as my own (which isn’t all that wide for a person, but pretty fat for a snake.) The service was short, due to the short attention span of the audience. Our dogs coped pretty well with having holy water (I assume it was holy water …) flung at them from a pine branch. Our smaller dog would’ve made a nice snack for that python, but no animals were eaten.
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