Maybe Someone Can Explain This To Me

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
They’ve invented this amazing device called a trash can. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?
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There’s a nice park about a block away from our house where I often walk the dogs. People often throw large parties at this park. You know, birthday parties for kids, or volley ball parties, or just sittin’-on-yer-butt-an’-drinkin’ parties. The following day after one of these parties occurs, without fail, the park is always trashed, often on a grand scale. Crumpled up beer cans by the dozens. Piles of dirty paper plates. Hot dogs smashed into the grass. Etcetera.

Here’s my question: What the hell is up with these people? Do they soil their own beds and roll around in it? Are they mentally deranged? Honestly, I just want to know.
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