Mccain-Fey 08!

Adam Fox
2 min read
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Tina Fey, impersonator and comedian extraordinaire, revisited the "Saturday Night Live" crew last weekend for a special episode featuring a dead-on impersonation of VPILF Gov. Sarah Palin. The scary thing? She succeeded in portraying the Alaskan governess better than Palin herself.

She even looked identical to dragon-lady Palin, who bears a slight resemblance to a hard-line conservative Magellan from Eureka’s Castle, complete with noxious yet lovable fire-breathing antics. The clip exploded over every facet of the internet at record speed because, well, it’s funny as hell. The one worrisome question that remains is, what does this say about the political landscape?

If only this landscape was as vegetative and fruitful as an Olmsted national park. If Fey can impersonate someone so vile, crude and scary without even having to add any extra comedic elements, why in hell is this woman on the ticket?

Fey was on top of her entertainer game, but she did nothing special other than act as the woman who may be our next vice president. And it’s funny. Really funny. It’s oddly similar to years past when George Dubya was characterized as being a lovable idiot, who just so happened to be running our entire country.

It’s a wonderful thing that we can satirize America’s great decision-makers and not be penalized, but the real penalty comes when said people make it to a high office. It’s one thing to attend a cookout with a few choice friends and ridicule your oh-so-laughable boss or your creepy next-door neighbor, but to hold politicians in the same light?

Sure, it may personify them in a more human fashion to which we, in our many flaws, can relate, but when our country operates better as a sitcom than a progressive, world-renowned entity, the butt of the joke is, unfortunately, us.

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