Media: Too Left? Too Right?

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Every once in a great while, I’m accused of bias in multiple directions on a controversial story. I take some kind of twisted pride in that.

MSNBC can wear that same badge today. First lady Laura Bush appeared on “MSNBC News Live” yesterday. Bush said the media has failed to cover the good things happening in Iraq.

One liberal watchdog site called out the show for asking her to elaborate on those good things , instead of challenging Bush’s assertion that the media is biased.

One conservative site got its panties in a twist because later, when summarizing Laura Bush’s interview, anchor Brian Williams failed to go into the argument that the media never highlights positive things in Iraq, and spoke of the Iraq Study Group instead.

So which is it? Is MSNBC right or left? Missing the boat entirely?
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