Meet The Alibi Staff: Hawk

Wildlife Consultant

Laura Marrich
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Meet the Alibi Staff: Hawk
Hawk, looking pensive
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You may know Hawk from his television and music video work (mostly panoramic fly-bys and aerial choreography), but his true passion is the theater—Shakespeare, in particular. "The Bard has done more for we birds than any other poet or playwright," Hawk told me from the study of his Jemez retreat, swirling a snifter of warm local mouse entrails. "The eagle alone is cited 40 times throughout his literary canon."

When he’s not on stage, Hawk is out in the field, advocating for one of several avitarian causes. He’s especially proud to perch on the regional board of the National Association for the Advancement of Birds of Prey (NAABP).

"May I recite something for you?" Hawk said soon after our interview began. "It’s from my favorite work of The Poet."

Before I had a chance to answer, he had jumped up and placed his wing over his breast. In a booming caw, he delivered Petruchio’s Act IV, Scene 1 monologue from
Taming of the Shrew .

"Thus have I politicly begun my reign,

And ’tis my hope to end successfully.

My falcon now is sharp and passing empty;

And till she stoop she must not be full-gorged,

For then she never looks upon her lure.

Another way I have to man my haggard,

To make her come and know her keeper’s call,

That is, to watch her, as we watch these kites

That bate and beat and will not be obedient.

She eat no meat to-day, nor none shall eat;

Last night she slept not, nor to-night she shall not;

As with the meat, some undeserved fault

I’ll find about the making of the bed;

And here I’ll fling the pillow, there the bolster,

This way the coverlet, another way the sheets:

Ay, and amid this hurly I intend

That all is done in reverend care of her!"

He then collapsed on top of his velveteen nest. Gasping for breath, he informed me he couldn’t go on and bid me goodnight. The interview was over.
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