Meet The Alibi Staff: Señor Estevan

Alibi Mascot

Simon McCormack
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Meet the Alibi Staff: Se–or Estevan
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Sometimes the Alibi staff needs a little extra push to stay motivated. In crunch time, it’s important to have someone (or something) that inspires you to always give it your all. For our staff, nobody keeps us doing our best better than our faithful canine mascot, Señor Estevan.

Every morning, Estevan is there to greet employees with a friendly smile and a nice big poop on the stairs. One of our web monkeys has been fortunate enough to attract the undying attention of Estevan’s nose. Unfortunately, it’s his private area that seems to strike Estevan’s fancy.

"He doesn’t give a hoot about anyone else’s groin but mine," the web monkey laments. "When he sees me, he comes rushing over and jams his snout right where the sun don’t shine."

Crotch sniffing isn’t the only important function Estevan performs at the office, he also serves as a model for one of our columnist’s line of dog sweaters. "I don’t care what anybody says," the columnist asserts. "Estevan loves those sweaters and the sweaters love him."
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