Meet The Alibi Staff: Suzy “Red Eye” Jones

Blackroom Specialist

Simon McCormack
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Meet the Alibi Staff: Suzy ÒRed EyeÓ Jones
Suzy’s learned to hide her eye behind the lense
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Digital photography has taken over the photo departments in most media outlets, but not here at the Alibi . We still believe developing photos using harsh and corrosive chemicals is the only way to go.

It’s no wonder then that the
Alibi has Suzy “Red Eye” Jones, a full-time blackroom specialist, on staff.

Suzy’s nickname isn’t derived from her choice of profession as one might suppose. Rather, the moniker comes from Suzy’s bulbous left eyeball that’s as red as a rose. “God damn, it’s hard to look at,” mentions one editorial staffer. “Suzy is a super-sweet lady, but her eye makes me want to vomit.”

Suzy isn’t the only one in her family with an unfortunate facial feature. Her one-year-old son Milford shares the same genetic abnormality. To make matters worse, Suzy can’t stop showing baby pictures of the little guy to her fellow employees, which has caused a fair number of uncomfortable moments around the office.

“It’s a face only a mother could love,” says a member of the
Alibi’s production team. “His mom just has the eye thing, but he’s got kind of a bird face, freckle-fest to contend with as well.”
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