Meet The Alibi Staff: “Uncle” Hal

Office Barber

Simon McCormack
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Meet the Alibi Staff: ÒUncleÓ Hal
Hal’s gettin’ up there.
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Contrary to popular belief, the Alibi isn’t staffed with a bunch of hairy hippies. We’re a well groomed, dapper bunch, and to stay that way, we call "Uncle" Hal when we need cut the grass. Large or small, short or tall, boy or girl, it doesn’t matter–"Uncle" Hal’s probably givin’ you a flat top.

"People who think
House Party was popular because of the laughs need to rewatch that movie because it ain’t that funny," Hal says. "It’s all about the flat top. It was the best cut then, and it’s sure as hell the best cut now."

Hal’s been working on expanding his cut repertoire and he’s hit on something he believes will be a new customer favorite. "Remember the sides of Vanilla Ice’s hair?" Hal asks. "He had those Z’s. Everyone loved those Z’s and I’m gonna bring ’em things back in a big way."

Hal’s been cutting hair for the better part of a century and his eye sight is starting to go. Our sales manager recounts a time when Hal’s astigmatism put him in a bind. "I’m meeting with a major client, and my hair is in shambles," our sales manager recalls. "I’m trying to get this guy to commit to a long term contract and my earlobe is bleeding like crazy."
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