Meet The Alibi Staff: Vince "Thrasher" Flander

Guitar Hero Coach

Simon McCormack
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Meet the Alibi Staff: Vince
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Things get stressful in a deadline driven industry like newspapers. Finding time to relax and blow off steam is a necessary aspect of a successful journalism outlet. the Alibi’s go-to tension trouncing activity is Guitar Hero, and to make sure our skills are up to snuff, Vince "Thrasher" Flander is always on call.

Vince is still very much under the impression that it’s the 1980s. He’s got big hair, uncomfortably tight pants and an uncanny ability to walk with his pelvis leading the way. Vince’s instructional sessions can last for hours, and his unorthodox teaching methods have puzzled much of the staff.

His most controversial technique is one in which he demands players close their eyes while jamming out.

"What is this, fucking Star Wars?" asks an angry staff writer after an especially lengthy session with Vince. "When ‘Thrasher’ comes up behind me, pushes his body up against mine, and says, ‘our hips will become one’ I get very nervous."

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