Michael Vick Continues To Leave The World In His Wake

Michael Sanchez
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Michael Vick continues to leave the world in his wake
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In the history of comebacks, Michael Vick on Monday night has got to rank high up there.

As previously discussed, Michael Vick made some bad, bad choices. And when he went to jail to pay for those choices, a lot of people were writing him off. In fact, as he was getting started with the Eagles last year ( reportedly at the behest of Donovan McNabb, it’s worth noting!) many people still were willing to write him off.

They claimed that he’d lost a step, that his time away from the game would irreparably damage the way he played. He ran the ball too much to begin with anyway, people said, and he’d never amount to much more than a decent back-up.
This was quickly proved wrong.

However, what he did on Monday is on another level. If Michael Vick continues to put up numbers at this clip, there’ll be very little debate about
the MVP of the National Football League this year.

Vick’s performance on Monday night immediately qualified him for the best individual line of the season, and it thrust him into a
tie for the third spot on the top fantasy performances since 2000! Beyond the fantasy line, though, the pure numbers were gaudy: Vick threw for 333 yards and four touchdowns. Vick wasn’t the rushing leader for Philly—that honor went to Jerome Harrison—but he did carry for a mere 80 yards and two more touchdowns.

All this on the same day the Washington Redskins announced a contract extension for Donovan McNabb, the quarterback that’s at least partially responsible for Vick’s second chance in Philadelphia, and it adds up to a fairytale Monday Night Football game. The two teams may be done with each other, but Vick’s story, to some people’s great surprise, is seemingly just beginning.
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