Michelle Obama's Coming To Albuquerque And Santa Fe

Michelle Obama's Coming To Albuquerque And Santa Fe

Simon McCormack
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Michelle Obama's coming to Albuquerque and Santa Fe
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Michelle Obama’s coming to New Mexico. The Harvard alum, and wife of Sen. Barack Obama, is visiting with military families in Albuquerque and Santa Fe tomorrow. Here’s the press release from the Obama campaign:

Chicago, IL – The Obama campaign today announced that Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama, will return to New Mexico this week. On Thursday, Mrs. Obama will host a roundtable discussion with military spouses in Santa Fe, followed by a Women for Obama voter registration rally in Albuquerque that afternoon.

In Santa Fe, Mrs. Obama will hear from military spouses from the community and discuss the unique challenges these families face dealing with the everyday balance of work and family amidst a struggling economy, with the added burden of supporting a loved one deployed overseas.

This roundtable is one of a series of discussions Mrs. Obama has hosted with

military families over the last several months to shed light on the reality that when we send soldiers to war, their families go with them. As part of this discussion, Mrs. Obama will share the Obama/Biden plans to strengthen and provide economic security for New Mexico’s military families.

The campaign will distribute a Blueprint detailing the Obama/Biden plans to

Support New Mexico’s military families at this event.

Later in the day, Mrs. Obama will host a New Mexico Women for Obama voter registration rally in Albuquerque, where she will kick-off the state’s "30/30 Project" a voter registration effort to register 30,000 new voters in 30 days.

Mrs Obama will talk with women about the importance of the women’s vote in this election. There, she will discuss why her husband will be an extraordinary president and champion the concerns facing working women and families, because as the son of a single mother, husband of a working mom, and the father of two daughters, the concerns of women and families are very close to his heart.

More details to be announced in the coming days.

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