Mike From Milwaukee On The Phantom Menace

Jerry Cornelius
1 min read
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I know we thought we could put all that Phantom-Menace -hating behind us now that we’re older and wiser and living in the 21st century, but that’s before I knew that nobody had really said everything that needed to be said about why that movie sucked … until now. Mike’s performance-art-cum-detournement of Episode I so richly deserves the viral success it has achieved that I am happy to help push that train some more. The whole 70-minute critique is up on YouTube, but we’ll skip right to part 2, which eviscerates the “story” of Ep. I, and includes this priceless comment:

“The new movies are about shoving as much crap into every shot as possible. This is part of the reason why I find the Special Editions so fucking offensive. Because you’re into what’s happening in the movie and they keep shoving more shit on the screen to distract you. It reminds me of a child waving his arms in the background for attention.”

Truer words = never spoken. (Thanks for the link, Jesse!)
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