Modern Guilt

Laura Marrich
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Modern Guilt
Your thetans are showing.
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Beck’s new album ( Modern Guilt, and I assume that’s a reference to Scientology in some thetany way) drops July 8 on DGC. I was sent a link to the album’s trailer, which on its own is pretty innocuous. But then I read the PR blast.

Now, as you wade through the following claptrap, keep in mind that this wasn’t written for the album—just the
2-minute trailer that promotes the new album.

"Conceived, created and even edited with 100% creative input from Beck every step of the way, the Modern Guilt trailer is equal parts video mixtape and black and white montage that recalls classic film works from Warhol to Klein to Truffaut, all imbued with Beck’s own unique visual identity–not to mention exclusive advance snippets of the record."

I just threw up in my mouth a little.
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