More On Immigration Policy

Marisa Demarco
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Voters in Nebraska today are casting ballots on a law that would prohibit hiring undocumented immigrants or renting property to them.

Do Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration sweeps prevent crime? Not so much, says the
Arizona Republic . (Have you ever browsed

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyle says Obama told him he won’t secure the border. The White House says
Kyle is lying.

California’s Senate is considering a measure that would have the
entire state boycotting Arizona. The legislation also asks Major League Baseball to pull the 2011 All-Star Game out of the AZ.

All counties in Virginia are following Albuquerque’s lead and checking the citizenship status of everyone arrested.

The undocumented immigrant attending Harvard was granted a temporary reprieve from deportation.

Check the
Alibi’s early coverage of the issue .
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