My Imposter

Erin Adair-Hodges
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My Imposter
Please note the hat in the lower left-hand corner. It was the size of a turkey.
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Last night, I had the privilege of being the official timer for the Arts Alliance Mayoral Forum, where Mayor Martin Chavez, Rep. R.J. Berry and Richard Romero were asked a series of questions on the arts in our community. But I almost didn’t get to do it, because when I showed up, I was told that I was already there!!!!!

Some lovely people from the Arts Alliance looked perplexed when I told them that I was Erin Adair-Hodges from the
Alibi, there to flash lights at middle-aged men for talking too long. They explained that a woman who said she was Erin was already at the timer. I momentarily wondered if, in fact, I wasn’t myself, and if I wasn’t myself, who was I? Who are any of us? Descartes, etc.

I followed a group of people into the theater where one of the Arts Alliance people pointed to the woman in the timer’s chair, asking if I knew her. “Which woman?” I asked. “The woman in the hat.”

The woman in the hat. To be fair, this was no ordinary hat. This was a velvet hat in Mardi Gras colors, festooned with a collection of cones, sequins and small dangling bobs. She was also about 30 years older than me and wearing, if my memory serves correctly, a snowman tie. I can see how people would be confused.

It was all cleared up and I was the timer and did, frankly, an amazing job. No one knows how the imposter came to take my throne. No one knows if, someday, she’ll return.
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