My Son Watched His Friend Jake Fall From The Chair Lift

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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A couple weeks ago my son Gunnar went snowboarding in Santa Fe with his friends Dallis and Jake. Jake was in the chair behind Gunnar and Dallis with another friend (I think her name is Breezy). This video footage that you’re seeing all over the news was taken by Dallis, and it sounds like Gunnar shouting, “Dude!” I’ve heard various accounts of how Jake happened to be thrown from the chair, so I won’t speculate, but Gunnar says it was Breezy’s screaming that alerted him to look back. Breezy tried to help but wasn’t strong enough. Jake held on for several towers before he couldn’t hold on any longer. He got stitches in his head, a torn liver and a collapsed lung. He was in ICU that Sunday, but by all accounts he is fine now.
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