Myspace Wants To Get Smarter

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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That ever-growing gorilla of web services, MySpace (or as Snoop Dogg would say, “MizzleSpizzace”) is going to begin using audio fingerprinting to prevent people from posting copyrighted material. TheSpace and YouTube have both vowed to stamp out copyright infringement. Bloggers are asking if this kind of thing will make the sites less popular with that rebellious teen demographic. And as companies dump more money into advertising on the site, the question becomes: is MySpace so totally five minutes ago?

My concern about the fingerprinting software is that it would find mashup groups like The Kleptones (U.K.) or The Kleptones (U.S.) . These acts are known for snagging bits of songs and smashing them together to form new work. Most of this stuff is brilliant and distributed for free.
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