Mystery Box

Secret Media Outlet Blooms In The University Area—For Freaky Kids Only!

Laura Marrich
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The Mystery Box is also one of the places you can find the newest issue of Death Convention , pictured here.
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As promised, here are the coordinates of the Mystery Box, as described by KUNM DJ and local underground music shepherd Derek Caterwaul:

"24-7 Mystery Media FREE(K) BOX

Is a recycled newspaper dispenser in the alley between the 200-blocks of Cornell and Stanford, chained up to a powerline.

This means that the alley concealing the Freek Box is PARALLEL to Cornell and Stanford, and can be accessed from Silver or Lead.

Inside, one can find a wealth of oddball media—old course packets, partial calendars, all manner of audio/video formats, zines, stickers, flyers for upcoming events, even material for your next collage."

I love the Mystery Box. This is the kind of thing I schemed endlessly about as a child—you know, secret cubbyholes filled with cryptic communication between friends and strangers. It’s exciting and brave and beautiful. And it’s my hope that you investigate it for yourself, with reverence. That means for every item you extract form the Mystery Box, you’re bound by honor to add your own mixed CDs, drawings, recorded-from-TV episodes of My So Called Life on VHS, or whatever your heart cries out to share.

I know there’s at least one person in your life who need to know about the Mystery Box. Share it with them, too.

(Derek ends his e-mails with "Support local independent and underground media; support all forms of self-expression—small things grow tuff in the desert." Well said, brother.)
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