Naked Curvy Women Are In


Marisa Demarco
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Naked Curvy Women Are In
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Glamour ran an image of a nude plus-sized model in September. The mag got big ups from its readership. The natural conclusion? A picture of a whole bunch of naked, curvy women for the November issue. This sneak preview photo was just released. —–>

The dolla dolla billz seem to be voting for more realistic images of women. The streets (and the news editor position at the
Alibi ) are stocked with full figures. It’s always been curious to me that what we look like and what we want to look like are so disparate. I assumed that the mags kept promoting the stick-with-tits template because that’s what people wanted to see. Or, at least, that’s what people were trained to want to see. Perhaps that’s changing, and the glossies are finally taking notice.

But maybe this
Glamour campaign is just a fluke, another temporary publicity stunt. You see these things every so often. Remember what a big deal it was when Dove opted to use some realistic women in its ads in 2005? Everyone patted one another on the back for making progress. Then, poof, nothing.

I don’t think we’ll have passed any significant mile markers until it’s no big deal to spotlight women who
aren’t fasting and doing drugs to keep the curves and muscles away.

What do you think about naked curves? [option]Great! I’m an equal nudity enjoyer![option]I actually prefer a little mean on the bones.[option]No way. They’re unhealthy, and we shouldn’t promote them in an obese nation.[option]I don’t mind that these women are full-figured, but I don’t want to look at it.[option]Why does everyone have to be naked or nearly naked in magazines anyway?[/poll]

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