Napkin Art #1

Nick Brown
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Napkin Art #1
“A Guy Who is Not Christian Horstmann” by Heiko Vick
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Great minds think alike. Not to imply that my mind is great or anything; it’s just an expression. Jen Marshall over at Duke City Fix just posted a blog about some napkin art that was presented to her at Nob Hill Bar and Grill last night. At the same time, or actually a couple evenings earlier, I had an idea to solicit napkin art and post it here on the Alibi blog. My first submission is this angry looking portrait of nobody in particular by local artist Heiko Vick. Heiko whipped it up in about three minutes. I think it looks a little like Christian Horstmann from the band Fivehundred, but it’s not. It’s just out of Heiko’s imagination.

So, anyway, this is the first installment. If anybody wants to submit a napkin masterpiece to me, you can drop it by the Alibi office at 413 Central NW, downtown, or mail it to my attention at 2118 Central SE #151, ABQ NM 87106, or email a photo or scan of it to me at I anticipate the next installment to have more than one picture, including one by local artist
Ralph Greene.

All napkins will be lovingly saved in a creepy little box for my future enjoyment. Or who knows? Maybe we’ll start framing them and put them in the lobby. Maybe we’ll run them in the Alibi as well as online. Maybe I’ll sell them and refuse to give the artists any of the money. The sky’s the limit.

And, yes, it’s true. I know nothing about art, but I know a considerable amount about napkins, so stick that in your pipe and complain about it.
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