New Skatepark

Simon McCormack
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New Skatepark
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If your skater friends are anything like mine, they can’t shut up about what tricks they did, where they skateboard, who they skateboard with and how much fun skateboarding is. I get it guys. Your hobbies are better than mine.

It’s days like this that make skateboarders truly jubilant. At 1 p.m. this afternoon, the Domingo Skatepark is celebrating its grand opening. The park is situated on Wyoming and Corona, north of Paseo.

Warehouse 508 is cosponsoring the event which features music by Soundclub Superstar. There’s also free Redbull for those who want to take the extreme-factor up a notch.

Now, a list of skateboarding terms that I think I’ve heard people say. "Nollie 540," "stalefish," "pushing mongo," "frontside tailside, "let’s stop skating and spark a bowl."
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