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Lesson One: What Is Business?

Nick Brown
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Nick BrownÕs Online Business College
A businesman in a business suit presents a business plan at a business meeting.
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"What do you think of when I say ‘business?’ You there in the back. A building? Ok. A building with a sign? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Think of the word ‘busy.’ Does it remind you of anything? You in the green shirt. Exactly. It sounds like the word ‘business.’ Which is what we’re here to learn about.

So, we have busy, business and building. Any others? Butler? Mmm, no, but that’s a good guess, and ‘guess work’ makes for good business.

Have you heard the expressions ‘good business’ and ‘bad business?’ How about ‘monkey business?’ Or ‘he really gave me the business.’

Have you heard people refer to ‘the business end’ when they’re talking about, for example, the barrel of a gun?’ That’s business, too, but not the kind we’re here for!

Everyone here has seen a business card, I’m sure. A business card is sometimes called a ‘calling card.’ And that’s no coincidence because ‘calling’ is another word for someone’s ‘profession’ or… Anyone? Exactly. Business. And it doesn’t stop there, because good business also involves calling people.

Now, even if you started a business all on your own, it would still be considered a ‘company.’ It’s called a ‘company’ because when you’re in the building, and assuming you’re doing good business, you’re going to be calling people – even when you’re busy.

Well, that about wraps up our first lesson. Next time well tackle the concept of the ‘business meeting.’ But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Until next time.
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