Nm Blogosphere Roundup: Los Poblanos, Abq Public Sprawl, Hating On The Rail Runner, Urbanabq 2009

Hating-On-The-Haters Edition

Jerry Cornelius
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NM Blogosphere Roundup: Los Poblanos, ABQ Public Sprawl, hating on the Rail Runner, UrbanABQ 2009
Albuquerque, city of straw bales. ( Raine K. )
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Posted the same day as our own debbie-downer “Albuquerque: City of Blight”, Raine K’s photo essay/walking tour of Los Poblanos Open Space reveals that there’s a lot more human-scale Burque out there than some people think. So there, haters.

Speaking of which, Coco’s down on the
Albuquerque Public Sprawl Bond. She makes some good points.

Paul Gessing hates on the Rail Runner, e.g. “[Rail Runner supporters] believe that the rest of us should be asked to dig into our pockets even deeper to fund their train.” Yeah, just like “the rest of us” are asked to fund “their” highways. Or “their” fire departments. Or “their” schools. Libertarians can be funny.

And on a non-hater note:
UrbanABQ’s 2009 in review.
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