No Kidding

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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Gotta hand it to President Bush. He’s a world-class campaigner, and he never seems to stop. Kind of makes you wish he’d take a break every once in a while to focus on running the country. He’s currently going around the nation trying to drum up support for Republican candidates in the November election.

Bush wants to let you know that we’re locked in an ideological struggle with Islamic extremists. Geez, thanks, for telling us, George. We had no idea.

As usual, Republicans seem to think that Sept. 11 only happened to them. Look, the problem isn’t that Americans don’t understand we’re in a conflict with Islamic totalitarian assholes. The problem is that our current president doesn’t know how to fight this conflict in any sort of sensible, productive way, and this is becoming painfully obvious to the majority of the electorate.

Our president is a buffoon. The entire world already knows this. It’s time we acknowledged it, too.
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