No More Whining

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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Looks like we won’t know the outcome of the Madrid/Wilson race tonight. Patsy took the stage a few minutes ago to say, essentially, “thanks for the support but I’m going to bed.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

This is a small piece of the pie, though. The voting public has given this corrupt, incompetent Republican party the clearest possible message: We don’t trust you to run our country.

Democrats shouldn’t waste their time gloating. They don’t have any reason to gloat. Seriously, this country is in trouble. As a minority opposition party they could get away with complaining about policies they don’t agree with. But the time for that sort of passive whining is over.

Dems in the House (and possibly the Senate) have inherited a huge mess, which the Bush administration is incapable of cleaning up. If anyone will clean it up, it will have to be Dems, of course, and so far we have very little reason to think they will be capable of cleaning it up.

This country is currently suffering from a serious crisis of leadership. If Dems don’t fill the void, and soon, we’re in for a long, dangerous, traumatic ride.
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