“Not Now—I’m Drunk On Hanson ...”

“Not Now—I’m Drunk On Hanson ...”

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ÒNot nowÑIÕm drunk on Hanson ...Ó
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As the tweenie boppers of the late ’90s began skipping the junior high dances in favor of smoking weed and watching Being John Malkovich , the tow-headed Hanson brothers faded into obscurity … or so it seemed. The only Hanson ditty anyone remembers is the unforgivable scatty earworm that surely made Cab Calloway roll in his grave.

Unbeknownst to anyone who’s had a driver’s license for more than a decade, the boys have actually released 11 studio albums and received three Grammy nominations, and will soon be releasing their own beer:

No, really.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac are all married now with little Hanson mouths to feed, and merchandising the heck out of the family name. The brew is set for release in 2012, but will the IPA be any good? Wouldn’t it be tastier and less filling to rollerskate down memory lane with a can of of your favorite suds and a gander at
similar schlocky nonsense?

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