Not So Clean

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
We all feel like crying now.
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I’ve been poking through the Iraq Study Group’s report, which was finally released yesterday. For the most part (although perhaps for different reasons), I have to agree with our own Representative Heather Wilson, who says she thinks the report is underwhelming and unoriginal. Still, it’s nice to see the facts on the ground laid out so starkly. Hey, maybe all the negative Iraq reporting isn’t some big liberal media conspiracy after all, huh, Donald?

Anyway, so far, my favorite sentence in the report is this one: “In some parts of Iraq—notably in Baghdad—sectarian cleansing is taking place.” “Sectarian cleansing”? Hey, that’s pretty much one-step away from “genocide,” isn’t it? Or should we call it “mass murder”? There has to be an appropriate euphemism for the full-scale slaughter that will result if this thing spins completely out of control.

This is too big a mess to be fixed by one report or two dozen reports. No wonder Papa Bush broke down in tears the other day. I feel the same way, George Sr. We all do.

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