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Dems Earn Right To Stick Out Tongues At Colleagues

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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What I like about this election is that every vote seems to have meant something. As harried vote-counters in our state peck away at endless paper ballots to determine which politico took our Congressional seat. The Secretary of State’s site has Wilson at 102,237 and Madrid at 100,900. There’s still a few thousand left to count, but not many. Makes a person glad she made it down to the polls.

But its been finalized. The Democrats control the House and the Senate, as old Virginia Sen. George Allen finally submitted to Democrat James Webb.

But for everyone who voted Democrat, you’ve seen the national ripples. Accordingly, the Iraqis are stoked that Rummy’s been fired (er, resigned or whatever) . Troops have mixed reviews . But no matter what, it’s a clear effect of the elections, Bush’s “whoops! my bad!,” as they say.

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