Obama: End The “Silliness” About My Birth Certificate

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Eventually, there comes a time when distractions must be put aside, President Obama stated in a press conference to release his birth certificate earlier today. He was prompted to make the move by the media, he added, because it had ignored important issues in favor of focussing on his citizenship. Now, his long-form birth certificate is online for the whole world to see. So the question is settled, right? Apparently, not yet.

Phil Berg, the attorney who filed one of the first ‘birther’ lawsuits, says
the certificate is not a resolution since Obama renounced his citizenship in Indonesia. Orly Taitz, the "queen of birthers," has said if the birth certificate is authentic, this question about Obama’s eligibility to be president will have to be laid to rest.

Still, this birth certificate release is merely a step in the right direction, she says. Taitz questions whether the president qualifies as a natural-born citizen because his father was a British subject when Obama was born.

Further responses are expected to come out of the woodwork, with forgery allegations on one side and "the White House should not have stooped to that level" on the other.

Before the certificate was released online, only
38 percent of Americans were certain Obama was a natural-born citizen. However, only 43 percent were convinced that Republican hopeful Donald Trump was born in the United States.

During his 2008 election campaign, Obama released a computer printout of the information on his birth certificate, which is recognized as an official record of birth for passport applications. As of early March,
10 states were debating putting a ‘birther bill’ into effect. These laws would require any presidential nominee to certify his or her citizenship before being put on the ballot.
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