Marisa Demarco
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Some say the name’s a liability. I think it’s just fun. Imagine the clever headline writers spewing forth things like: “Obama-mania” “Obama the Llama” “Obama: Iraq’s a Trauma” “Obama’s Your Mama” in 40-point bold.

Maybe they won’t. But they should. I haven’t even started on the kinds of things you can do with “Barack.”

Obama announced on his site that he’s forming a committee to explore his possible bid to become president of these United States. He also filed the paperwork he needs to raise money for a campaign.

In the meantime, the Christian right got its panties in a ropy twist, with the Christian Newswire reporting on a report by one reverend about why Obama’s not the right kind of religious.

Hilary Clinton’s not sleeping on this either. The question now: Who takes the top of the ticket?
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