Obama Vs. Hillary Round Whatever

Simon McCormack
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Obama vs. Hillary Round Whatever
Clinton better watch out for that right hook
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Last night in the Mississippi Primary, Sen. Barack Obama soundly beat Sen. Hillary Clinton, widening his delegate lead as the battle heads toward the home stretch.

By now, it’s clear what types of voters both candidates can count on and which ones they struggle to pry away from their competitor. Obama does well with African American, young and affluent voters and Clinton has gotten the majority of votes from white women, blue collar workers and Hispanics.

There’s a great
piece in the New York Times today about how both campaigns are spinning their victories to make themselves seem like the stronger general election candidate. Obama claims he’s put states in play (like Missouri) that have been republican strongholds and Clinton points to her victories in battleground states like Ohio as evidence that she can win important, delegate rich states.

On to Pennsylvania!
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