Oedipus Sex

A Few Thoughts On An Odd Book About Incest In The Pacific Northwest

Sam Adams
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Oedipus sex
Ed King , Oedipus Rex—get it?
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I recently read a book called Ed King , by David Guterson. I enjoyed it at first. When I began it I was having Thanksgiving with my family in Olympia, Wa., which is about an hour south of Seattle. The book is set in Seattle. It also takes the reader on a trip to the Orcas Islands (about and hour and a half north of Seattle). There’s something magical about those little islands off the western seaport of Anacortes. They have this time-lost feeling, kind of like the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway, Ireland. And it’s nice to read about places you’re staying when you’re on vacation. Hell, it’s nice to read about anywhere that has a seaport when you spend 11 months of the year living in the desert.

Anyway, back to
Ed King . Started great. Really good job with the scenery. But man, is it one of hell of a headache when it starts getting all lofty with analogies to Greek tragedies. Enough, though. This tangent is just my way of trying to get you to read my review of Ed King .[/url]
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