Oh Won’t You Be My (Winner Of The) Valentine (Card Contest)?

Get Your Submissions In For Our 10Th Annual Creative Round Up

Emily Aragon
1 min read
Oh wonÕt you be my (winner of the) Valentine (card contest)?
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A childhood spent gluing 30 heart-shaped suckers to the backs of 30 Scooby Doo fill-in-the-blank Valentines year after year has left me itching for some creativity in the V-day card realm. What a privilege it is, then, to be able to participate in judging the famous, fabulous annual Alibi Valentine’s Day Card Contest. And if last year’s entries are any indicator of just how artistic and lovey (or sometimes not) this city is, then we are in for a true treat. The entry deadline is Monday at 4 p.m. so plan on spending your weekend waist-deep in glitter, decoupage, tiny cupid-shaped stencils and whatever other supplies get you in the mood.
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